Bedroom Layout Design Ideas

October 13, 2021 | Posted in brownbuilding

Bedrooms are by far one of the most important rooms in your home. They are the place you go to for dreaming, resting, and relaxation. They should be a place of comfort, cozy aesthetics, and designs that reflect your unique tastes.

If you’ve found yourself struggling with how to design a bedroom layout that mirrors who you are and is curated to your comforts, continue reading to learn all about the best bedroom setup hacks.

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How to Design a Bedroom Layout: 10 Tips

Setting up your bedroom requires strategy, creativity, and patience. Each design undertaking is a process with setbacks and successes. It’s important to give yourself time to create a cohesive, comfortable space and avoid rushing the process.

10 tips to aid you in designing a bedroom that you feel wholly comfortable in include:

  1. Make your view the focal point of your bedroom (if your bedroom is situated with windows).
  2. Implement mood lighting (lights that can dim and change brightness are a great way to create ambiance).
  3. Don’t overdo it — simplicity is key to creating a relaxing bedroom environment.
  4. Measure your bedroom before purchasing furniture (this will save you the hassle of having to return furniture that doesn’t fit).
  5. Implement artwork that reflects your style — however bold your style is. Your bedroom is your own creative domain to design according to your fancies.
  6. Choose your rug carefully — a rug is a huge statement about your space!
  7. Choose a color palette of shades that complement each other while also showcasing your style.
  8. Implement multiple light sources to illuminate your bedroom. Add a couple of bedside lamps or fairy lights as a warm, cozy light source.
  9. Layer your bedding. This is where you can implement a splash of color to up the intrigue of your room.
  10. Implement subtle storage solutions (under the bed is a great place for storage boxes).

Bedroom Layout Ideas

The struggles of designing a bedroom are numerous. Whether the issue you’re facing is limited space, a bulky bed frame, or inspiration roadblocks, designing a bedroom is a challenging task.

The following sections contain useful tips for curating your bedroom layout to be the perfect cozy escape after a long day.

Master Bedroom Layout Ideas

Your master bedroom is your creative domain. Here you may throw aside traditional bedroom styles and let your whimsical side take over, indulging in the interior designs that truly suit you.

If you enjoy symmetry, place your bed with the headboard in the center of your chosen wall. Embellish each side with a nightstand, place a bench at the foot of your bed, and a large print or painting above the headboard.

Up the cozy feel by adding a shag area rug underneath your bed so that your feet are greeted with a warm surface each morning. Decorate your bed with accent pillows, a throw, and ornate reading lamps to complete your master bedroom.

Small Bedroom Layout Ideas

Small bedrooms are some of the most difficult to design. For starters, beds are such large pieces of furniture that if you’re working with a small bedroom they may take up the majority of your space.

Start designing your small bedroom by determining where your bed is going to be and work outward from there.

Contemporary Bedroom Design Ideas

If you are figuring out how to arrange a bedroom with a contemporary design, focus on bright, airy, neutral tones and add elements that increase light. Whites, tans, and grays are popular color palettes for contemporary bedroom designs.

Get Professional Bedroom Design Help

If you’re still struggling to design your bedroom layout, consider partnering with a professional contractor.

Here at Brown Building Contractors, we have over 25 years of experience designing and constructing hundreds of remodeling and renovation projects.

To take the first step towards creating your dream bedroom, contact our team of design experts today.