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The BEST Remodel Design Services in Olympia, WA


Chances are you spend upwards of 60 percent of your life at home—shouldn’t it be a space you love?

If there are a few things you’d like to change about your house, our team at Brown Building Contractors is standing by to provide the best remodeling design service in Olympia, WA with our amazing interior designers. From breathing new life into your home to increasing its value, we can help you reach your goals.

With unmatched expertise, years of experience, and a passion for architecture and design, you can count on us for quality home remodeling design services to make your rough ideas a reality. Reach out to us today.

Our Remodeling Design Services

Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, or basement, our unique Olympia interior designers can provide your home with that new look you’ve been dreaming of. Here’s just a small sampling of the remodeling design services we offer.

Kitchen Design Remodel

Your kitchen is the heart and center of your home. Besides looking great, it should also be functional, making cooking and cleaning enjoyable tasks—navigating a poorly designed, a cramped kitchen isn’t pleasing! If your kitchen lacks functionality, it diminishes the quality of the moments you spend in it.

Remodeling your kitchen with our interior design services could be the best option for you if you would like to:

Improve functionality
Make your kitchen an enjoyable space for your family and friends!
Remodeling your kitchen and having a full-service design will allow you to customize your space to your lifestyle and preferences.

Increase convenience
Remodeling may be exactly what you need. It can streamline your kitchen’s layout, optimizing its use to maximize your workflow and increase convenience.

Achieve a more modern style
A remodel gives your kitchen a more modern, up-to-date look, replacing old appliances and cabinetry with newer, stylish options.

Whatever your motivation to remodel is, our team can offer you creative solutions, implementing the personal touches you want. We offer a full range of kitchen remodeling solutions, such as:

Custom cabinetry

  • Expanding or adding a kitchen island
  • Adding finishing touches such as lighting, window replacements, and in-floor radiant heat
  • Total kitchen remodel

Our team will work closely with you, designing a functional, refreshing, and beautiful kitchen that will provide you with an inviting space you’ll love spending time in with your family.

Bathroom Remodel Design

Maybe you need more than one bathroom or one that better satisfies your needs. Our team is ready and willing to help. We can rework plumbing, replace old fixtures, or provide you with a whole new layout.

Whatever your vision is, we are committed to making it a reality. Some of the bathroom remodeling solutions we offer include:

Adding extra bathrooms
Avoid inconveniences by adding extra bathrooms for your family and potential guests.

Add custom tile and flooring
Revamp your bathroom with custom flooring, capitalizing on the available in-floor radiant heating.

Replacing countertops and cabinetry
Additional counter space and built-in storage offer you better organization.

Improved fixtures
Options such as towel bars, improved ventilation, soaking tubs, curbless showers, and more improved convenience and comfort.

The innovative and seamlessly integrated design and remodel solutions we implement will transform your bathroom into your personal sanctuary.

Basement Remodeling

Your basement is a prime piece of real estate in your home and presents a world of possibilities. Depending on your goals, a basement remodel and redesign could be the way to go. It would allow you to repurpose underused and forgotten space, enabling you to create additional space for family and guests. Just a few reasons for opting for a basement remodel include:

Adding extra living, guest, and utility space
You could create room for leisure and entertainment or make it more practical opting for a storage or laundry room. A basement remodel could also add room for guests, providing them with a space that offers more comfort and privacy.

Improving the health of your home
A neglected basement fosters cold and damp conditions that could lead to mold and mildew. It could also have leaks, pests, and even foundation cracks. Worse, the air in your basement often circulates in your entire home, ending up in the rooms in which you spend the most time.

Remodeling your basement resolves this and more potential problems, improving your family’s and home’s health. It also allows you to seismically retrofit and waterproof your foundation, providing your home with more solid footing.

Increasing your home’s value
A remodeled basement can be a strong selling point, in some cases, even increasing buyer interest, as it effectively doubles your usable square footage.

Our team can help make your basement a more natural extension of your home, improving its appearance, increasing natural light, adding bathrooms and outside entrances, and improving drainage.

Why Hire Us for Your Remodeling Project?

When you work with Brown Building Contractors, we make your entire remodeling project more straightforward and more efficient. We are dedicated to helping you realize your vision and guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the quality of work done—but the benefits of working with our skilled team don’t end there. You’ll also enjoy:

A simplified process
Construction projects have several moving pieces from designer, engineer, and contractor. The more the parts, the harder it is to monitor progress. We provide you with a unified team and one point of contact, always ready and willing to provide you with updates and answer any queries you might have.

Efficient, fast results
With every detail well discussed and planned out from the start, we can better understand the project’s scope. Knowing everything that needs to be done beforehand limits unwanted surprises, which improves efficiency and ultimately decreases the amount of time taken to complete the remodel.

Affordable rates
Our high efficiency also reduces project costs. Our experienced team can provide you with cost-saving options without affecting the work’s integrity. With every member knowing what is expected of them, we provide you with a well-coordinated team, ensuring high performance and limiting delays that often increase costs.

Working with our team provides you with a stress-free, quality, and professional remodeling experience, with your final vision timely and accurately delivered. Get in touch with us for custom, safe, and quality remodeling design services in Olympia, WA—contact Brown Building Contractors and fall in love with your home all over again.

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