How to Remodel a Bathroom

August 8, 2022 | by | Posted in brownbuilding
Even the most straightforward bathroom remodeling project can be a daunting and time-consuming task. With careful planning and execution, however, you can make your dream space a reality. Our experts at Brown Building Contractors have put together this guide on how to remodel a bathroom. Feel free to contact us if you have any other […]

How Many Egress Windows Are Required in a Basement?

July 8, 2022 | by | Posted in brownbuilding
Egress windows are an essential feature, especially if you are converting an unused basement into an extra bedroom or living space. What are egress windows? In essence, they are large enough to serve as a window exit during a fire emergency. Below, our experts explore the requirements for local basement egress windows, including the benefits […]

Best Countertop Materials for Kitchens

May 12, 2022 | by | Posted in brownbuilding
Choosing a kitchen top counter can be challenging if you don’t know your countertop materials. There’s a lot to consider – from the porousness of the material to the functionality, durability, and your style preference. Here, we break down the different types of countertops to help you choose the best kitchen counter for your home. […]

Deferred Maintenance – Why it Matters in Real Estate

April 22, 2022 | by | Posted in brownbuilding
You may have heard the term “deferred maintenance” when talking about real estate and wondered to yourself, “what is deferred maintenance, and why does it matter?” Knowing what deferred maintenance is and how it can affect your property can guide you in making smart decisions about your home.  Deferred maintenance, also known as backlog maintenance, […]

New House Post Construction Cleaning Checklist

March 25, 2022 | by | Posted in brownbuilding
If you’re new to the world of renovation, you might not be aware of the importance of a post-construction cleanup. At Brown Building Contractors, our specialists find that creating a residential post-construction cleaning checklist remains one of the most neglected procedures in the building process. Without the expertise of an experienced cleaner, you’re vulnerable to […]

What is Caulking and How to do it?

March 1, 2022 | by | Posted in brownbuilding
What is caulking, and how to do it? Is it expensive? What problems can you solve with caulk? Like most people, you may have many questions regarding caulking and its technique. In this post, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions and help you understand the different uses and benefits of caulking. […]

The Best Home Addition Ideas

January 4, 2022 | by | Posted in brownbuilding
Whether you are looking for screened-in patio ideas, bedroom addition ideas, or second-floor expansion ideas, completing large home additions is an excellent method for adding value and functionality to your home. These additions can range from minor upgrades to large projects.   Top Home Addition Ideas There are many popular choices for home additions. All […]

Pitfalls to Avoid When Remodeling Your Bathroom

November 26, 2021 | by | Posted in brownbuilding
Every few years, that old bathroom needs an upgrade. Whether that is something as simple as new paint or as complex as entirely rearranging the layout of the space, these jobs require the homeowner to put thought into planning and executing the remodel.   However, once a homeowner decides to begin their bathroom remodeling project, there […]

What is the difference between a Builder and a Contractor?

October 29, 2021 | by | Posted in brownbuilding
It is not uncommon for people to confuse the terms contractors and builders. Some might even use the two terms interchangeably, considering the two work closely together and their roles often overlap. However, there is a difference between a contractor and a builder. This post will take a closer look at the two roles, answering […]

Hiring a General Contractor – Tips and Checklist

October 21, 2021 | by | Posted in brownbuilding
How to hire a general contractor for a project is one of the most stressful undertakings that home and business owners have to deal with any time they’re taking on a home renovation project.  Hiring a contractor isn’t supposed to be a stress-inducing undertaking. Establishment owners should feel a sense of calm and confidence when […]