Living in Olympia, Washington

June 3, 2021 | Posted in brownbuilding

Are you considering moving to Olympia, WA?

Living in a different city can be the adventure of a lifetime, especially with enough research and careful planning. If you’re looking for a new place to call home, there’s plenty on offer for those living in Olympia, WA. The city has a great climate, low crime rate, a well-supported education system, friendly people, and lots of fun activities to enjoy.

More About Moving to Olympia, Washington

Olympia has mild weather for Washington state, so expect beautiful warm summers, light winters, and few showers in between. The city boasts recreational parks, tourist attractions, and public trails open to all. The place also boasts a stable economy as the capital city of the State of Washington.

Living in Olympia WA

As a hub, the city has a stable workforce and provides a conducive environment for businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive. It is about 47 miles southwest of Seattle, and you can get to Olympia by car (60 miles) or plane (48 miles) from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. You can also reach the city through reliable public transportation systems, like trains and buses from Tacoma, Seattle, and Lacey.

What About the Cost of Living in Olympia, WA?

Surprisingly, the average cost of living in Olympia, WA, is slightly lower than its neighboring cities, Seattle and Tacoma. Residents can maintain and afford a decent lifestyle, providing beautiful homes with affordable renovations or upgrade services like Brown Building Contractors.

If you’re looking for value for money in the local assisted living facilities in Olympia, WA, you have many options. The average cost of assisted living is slightly lower than the national median.

What Is It Like Living in Olympia, WA?

Is Olympia, WA, a good place to live? If you’re on the exciting path of relocation to the area, you’ve probably already considered this question. Brown Building Contractors confirms that it is a great location, especially if you love the idea of living in a capital city with a small-town feel.

The local neighborhoods offer wonderful homes, and life in Olympia, Washington, is full of diversity. People of every culture call Olympia home, including a variety of ages, races, and sexual preferences living in peace and proud of their legacies.

Fun and Exploration

Olympia may have a small-city vibe, but it surprises many people with its array of options to explore for activities, entertainment, and amenities. It boasts excellent outdoor activities to reconnect with nature, attractive and interesting art scenes and galleries, museums, coffee shops, bars, and restaurants.

It also has an interesting waterfront with impressive views of the Olympics grounds, water activities, and marinas. Residents also enjoy easy access to the Farmer’s Market and shopping at South Puget Sound in one of the city’s largest shopping destinations, Capital Mall.

Pros and Cons of Living in Olympia, WA


  • Diverse people and culture
  • Great weather
  • Safe neighborhoods
  • Plenty of things to do


  • Limited public transportation
  • Increasing rental prices

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