Unfinished Basement Wall Ideas

April 20, 2023 | Posted in brownbuilding

Even if your basement isn’t finished, you can transform your basement from an open, cluttered space into a modern, stylish room with these basement wall ideas. If you’re looking for inspiration to create a basement that is more inviting and usable than one with drab walls, you’re in the right place.

basement wall ideas not drywall

Cool Basement Wall Ideas

Are you looking for basement wall ideas that are not drywall? From brick to curtains to pegboard, here are a few ideas from Brown Building Contractors to get you started. 

Basement Brick Wall

For cheap basement wall ideas, you don’t have to do anything significant with brick walls. Brick walls are beautiful on their own and create a chic style. You can paint your brick walls soft, neutral tones. Any exposed brick material will need a sealant to protect the walls against moisture. This will also reduce mold and mildew, which helps in damp basements. 

Curtain for Wall

Using curtains to adorn any exposed basement wall is a great way to liven up your space. This works particularly well for concrete basement wall ideas. 

Curtains conceal unsightly or unfinished walls, instantly creating an inviting basement that looks finished to guests. Using curtains can improve insulation and temperature regulation for basement wall ideas over concrete.

Basement Partition Wall 

An effective way to easily liven up a basement is by adding partition walls. This divides up one large open space into multiple areas. You can enjoy increased functionality by having separate rooms for different activities. Partition walls give privacy to occupants studying, sleeping, or working in the basement and help reduce noise. 

Partitions also add aesthetic appeal to your space, giving it a dramatic, polished look. 

Basement Pegboard Wall

For rustic basement wall ideas, you can use pegboards to add flair to your space. Pegboards hide wall blemishes and add functionality to any basement. You can organize tools, art supplies, and other equipment, allowing you to create a workshop in your basement. 

If you don’t need to hang tools, create a vertical garden with a pegboard if your space lacks greenery, or hang up art. Using a pegboard as a display collection for vintage toys, memorabilia, and more revitalizes lifeless basements. 

Architectural Basement Wall 

The architectural style of your basement walls can also add to decor when taking on a basement remodelling project. You have various styles to choose from, like industrial, which involves incorporating exposed elements of your walls to add an edgy look. 

Try a gothic style, which is dark coloring and lavishly ornate details to add a dramatic and mysterious vibe. Modernism gives a cleaner, sleek finish for suave sophistication. You can work rustic basement wall ideas into a cozy, earthy style.

A Little Decor Goes a Long Way with Your Basement Walls

With a little guidance, anyone can rejuvenate their drab basement space. The experts at Brown Building Contracts are trusted professionals when it comes to home and basement renovations. As a locally owned Olympia, WA, business, we have helped customers for over 25 years. If you need any help with your basement wall ideas, contact us today. 

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