Foundation Crack Repair – A Complete Guide

March 28, 2023 | Posted in brownbuilding

The foundation of a home is essential and must stay in excellent condition for structural support. When you notice foundation problems, you might ask, “How to repair a crack in the foundation?” Fortunately, you can repair some cracks yourself with this short guide.

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Importance and Need for Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation crack repair is necessary to keep your home’s structure safe and secure. Foundation problems can become expensive as they worsen, increasing foundation crack repair costs.

Types of Foundation Cracks

Vertical Foundation Cracks

Vertical cracks in the foundation are not typically serious concerns, and you can often patch them easily. You can use good-quality epoxy to fill in minor cracks. However, vertical cracks larger than 1/8 inch are more concerning and should receive professional assessment and treatment.

Horizontal Foundation Cracks

It is usually concerning if you have horizontal cracks in your foundation, as these can reflect instability and require professional repair. Sometimes you’ll find a horizontal crack between the home’s foundation and basement floors because of improper bonding. It isn’t usually serious, but you should try a basement foundation repair soon.

Foundation Crack Repair Process

Do you want to know how to repair a crack in the foundation? Follow these simple steps below.

Inspect Your Foundation Cracks

Check your entire foundation and home’s exterior walls for cracks and perform a thorough inspection. Changes in the soil, like shifting, can indicate foundation issues. You can also have a professional come out and inspect your foundation to determine if it is safe or poses a risk.

Prepare the Cracks for Repair

Clean the crack by removing paint, dirt, filler, and dust. You can use a vacuum to draw out any small or loose debris. The cracks must be completely dry before you inject an epoxy filler. You can use a hairdryer or heat gun to remove excess moisture.

Repair Hairline Cracks

You can use an epoxy sealer after mixing to repair small cracks. Inject the epoxy carefully into the hairline area and wait to apply the sealer.

Repair Larger Cracks

Professional foundation experts are the best to repair larger cracks if you want the correct results. They have experience working with many cracks and situations, giving them expert knowledge on how to complete the repair effectively. 

Seal the Foundation Walls

Steel studs and framing help keep foundation walls in place. If your walls experience major cracks, contact a professional. While some people may fix the situation themselves with epoxy filler and sealer, it might not be enough. Shifted or bowing foundation walls are signs of a larger problem.

Take Preventative Measures

Redirect water away from your home’s foundation and modify your landscape if necessary. You also should repair any cracks immediately after spotting them.


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