The Best Eco-Friendly/Green Kitchen Ideas

November 10, 2022 | Posted in brownbuilding

Kitchen renovations are the most popular home improvement projects nationwide, and in Washington, there’s been a heavy emphasis on eco-friendly kitchen remodels. These renovations bring eco-friendly kitchen supplies into your home to give it a natural, airy aesthetic that’s also great for the environment.

Here, we’ll examine our favorite green kitchen ideas to inspire you for your next home improvement investment.

eco friendly kitchen design

Materials That Can be Used in an Eco-Friendly Kitchen


Bamboo is a durable, easy-to-customize material that works well for backsplashes or water-resistant, eco-friendly kitchen flooring.


Fluorescent lights are better for the environment than traditional alternatives and can cut your electricity bill by 50%. Additionally, these lights give your kitchen a warm shine that matches the aesthetic of other eco-friendly kitchen features.

Scrap Wood

Hardwood has been a popular home-building material for centuries, and scrap wood is just as beneficial but doesn’t have a harmful environmental impact. For example, you can use scrap wood for eco-friendly kitchen cabinets that you can customize in several colors and styles.


Cork’s unique design and color make it an eye-catching floor option. It also has sound-proof properties, so you can keep party noise low.

Natural Fabric

If you have dining space in your kitchen, you can use natural fabric like cotton and wool for the chairs and tablecloths. These materials don’t contain environmentally harmful chemicals like human-produced fabrics. 

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Ideas

Replace Countertops Recycled Stone-Chipped Composite Countertops

Stone-chipped eco-friendly kitchen countertops have the visual appearance and strength of granite with the environmental benefits you want from a green kitchen. 

Try Eco-Friendly Paint

Paints made from clay and milk proteins are non-toxic and reduce your home’s air pollution. In addition, these paints are versatile, so you can use them for green kitchen cabinets. 

Update Old Windows With Eco-friendly Windows

Energy-star certified windows are expensive on installation, but they keep your home’s temperature from escaping, reducing your yearly energy costs by over 10%.

Pick Sustainable Flooring

Cork, bamboo, and recycled tiles are all sustainable and reusable materials that resist moisture and foot traffic, making them ideal for kitchen floors.

Start With Safer Storage

Green cabinets in kitchen spaces not only reduce your carbon footprint but minimize the risk of you accidentally ingesting chemicals from factory-produced paints and materials.

Low or no VOC content

Volatile Organic Compounds can pollute your airspace, but environmentally-friendly paints mitigate that risk. 


You can power your home and kitchen with solar panels for a more robust environmental impact and fill the space with fluorescent lights and earth-friendly thermostat settings for other helpful changes.

Bring Your Eco-Friendly Kitchen Ideas to Life With Brown Building Contractors

Eco-friendly kitchen design is more than a passing trend; it’s one of the best ways to build your dream cooking space and leave a positive environmental impact. So when you’re ready to overhaul your kitchen Brown Building Contractors is the best place to go. Our Lacey-area contractors combine high-quality, local Washington materials with unmatched construction expertise to provide the kitchen overhauls our clients love. 

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