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Most people spend a lot of time in the kitchen, either making food or simply catching up on the events of the day. Your kitchen needs will change as your family grows and changes, and also as kitchen design trends change the details of new construction will make your kitchen house better.

If your kitchen feels dated, cramped, or uncomfortable, why not consider remodeling it with the best kitchen remodeling contractor in the area. Our kitchen renovation services will provide design ideas, a detailed list of used materials and help avoid unforeseen costs. Brown Building Contractors provides the top kitchen remodeling services, Lacey, WA homeowners have come to trust and rely on for their great customer service and amazing quality of work.


Everyone has a different reason to remodel their kitchen. A brand-new kitchen can give new life to your entire living space and improve its resale value in the future. General contractors in Lacey, WA and kitchen remodeling companies are open for a new home project in your kitchen, remodeling even in an open space. Brown Building Contractors prove to be professional and provide top quality work to our customers.

Kitchen remodels don’t have to be entire room overhauls – they can also be smartly planned changes that upgrade the parts that need a new lease on life. For flexible options and wonderful job for the kitchen remodeling project, Olympia, WA residents can trust our expert general contractor team at Brown Building Contractors to help you design a kitchen that works for you.


There’s nothing worse than a kitchen that’s difficult to navigate. If you find yourself constantly walking between the fridge and stove or looking through drawers to find a particular appliance you’ll understand the need for a well-designed kitchen for your home improvement project.

At Brown Building Contractors, we understand the fundamental principles of making a kitchen feel convenient and spacious. We can work within your current space to optimize your workflow or offer you a comprehensive redesign with one of our local contractors near you.


Two of the most common complaints we hear from people are that they struggle to find items and have too much stuff to fit in their kitchen. Contemporary kitchen trends have massively expanded the amount of usable space for kitchens by introducing drawers instead of cabinets and providing innovative storage solutions for rarely used items.

If you do less cooking and more socializing, we can also design a kitchen for your needs. We tailor your kitchen to fit you, rather than expecting you to adjust to your new kitchen. We aim for customer satisfaction with our expert team to process the renovation, offering quality materials, and affordable price.


Kitchen remodels are some of the best investments you can make in your home. Most buyers will look at kitchens and bathrooms while making their purchasing decisions, and a great kitchen can be the main selling point of your home.


Styles and trends change, and what looked great 20 years ago may look dated and worn today. Luckily, kitchen styles are relatively easy to change without a massive overhaul of the layout. In many cases, refurbishing kitchen cabinets and updating fixtures is all it takes to give your kitchen a completely new look and feel. Brown Building Contractors can help with custom cabinets, semi custom cabinets, countertop installation, installing new appliances, and more.  Are you unsure about the difference between granite, quartz and laminate countertops? We have the answers that will guide your kitchen renovation project in the right direction. And if this is your first time with kitchen design, no worries!  We are the areas premier home remodeling contractor in Lacey.  We provide everything you need in the right contractor, including estimates, service, and quality of work.


The length of kitchen remodeling in Lacey, WA, depends on your particular project. Larger projects can several months to complete, while smaller changes can several days to a couple of weeks. We’ll discuss deadlines and project cost before starting work so that you know exactly what to expect from kitchen remodeling.


We’ve helped hundreds of clients realize their dreams of a new kitchen, and we can do the same for you. The right kitchen remodeling contractor can make your home renovation project stress free.  As a premium quality remodeling contractor, we encourage you to compare quotes and check references. If you’re looking for the best reliable Lacey kitchen remodeling contractors near you, give Brown Building Contractors a call today!

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