Remodeling vs Renovation – Definitions and Differences

September 23, 2021 | Posted in brownbuilding

Remodeling vs Renovation — What’s the Difference? 

While most people on the receiving end of such services use the terms synonymously, individuals who work in construction understand the nuances between the two. 

Read on to learn more about the difference between renovation and remodel projects or get in touch with Brown Building Contractors to speak directly with someone working in the field of contracting. 

Home Remodeling vs Renovation: What’s the Difference?

While similar, there are differences between remodeling and renovation. Here are the basic definitions of renovation and remodeling to give you a better idea of which process might be best for you.

–  Renovation definition. Renovations are where an existing structure is restored from its previous state. So while upgrades are made and the exterior may appear different, the purpose and structure of the space remain the same. 

–  Remodeling definition. Remodeling refers to when something entirely new is created, there is no salvaging or fixing done. The entire structure or design of a space may be wholly changed from its original form.

difference between renovation and remodel

Renovation vs Remodeling: Which Is Better For Your Home? 

When it comes to renovation versus remodeling, if you’re stumped on which is better for your particular home, here are seven questions you can ask yourself to determine which service you should get. 

–  How content am I with the design of my space?

–  How extreme are the changes I wish to make? 

–  Is salvaging possible? 

–  Do I have enough finances to complete a remodel or renovation? 

–  Is this a project that I want to DIY? 

–  Do I have realistic expectations of how long this project will take? 

–  Will a remodel or renovation be worth it for me? 

Advantages & Disadvantages of Remodeling vs Renovation

If you’re trying to decide which construction method will work best for your home, below is an overview of some of the pros and cons of remodeling vs renovating. 

Remodeling Pros 

The main area where remodeling pulls ahead is that it is a complete solution for poor designs which cannot be fixed any other way. 

Remodeling Cons

Some of the cons of remodeling include

–  It’s costlier than renovating

–  It’s more complex

–  Permits are sometimes necessary

–  Remodels aren’t DIY projects. 

Renovation Pros 

Some of the benefits of renovating instead of remodeling include: 

–  More cost-effective than remodels

–  Often more return on investment

–  Simpler than remodels

–  Permits may not be necessary 

–  You can DIY some renovations 

Renovation Cons

The main downside of renovating versus remodeling is that it doesn’t fix poor designs and is only suitable for areas that aren’t inherently flawed. 

Improve Your Home by Partnering With Brown Building Contractors

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