Home Renovations that will Increase Property Value

August 10, 2023 | Posted in brownbuilding

Home renovations are the perfect way to remodel and upgrade your living spaces. Transforming your beloved property with a new look makes for an unforgettable and rewarding experience. Whether you’re interested in a bathroom remodel or kitchen upgrade project, the sky’s the limit.

Home renovations do much more than revamp your home’s style factor, however. These projects vastly increase property valuation, making selling your home much easier and more rewarding. It’s worth understanding what renovations increase home value the most for that reason.

Potential buyers and real estate agents alike love to see homes with fresh, new, and renovated rooms. Investing in part or all of your home’s spaces by updating appliances and adding stylish decor — a fresh coat of paint, for instance — boosts your home’s property value.

In this guide, you’ll learn more about home renovations that will increase your property value.

home renovations that will increase property value

Home Renovations That Will Increase Property Value

What renovations increase home value the most? Here are several tried-and-true renovation projects you can complete to increase your property value.

Manufactured Stone Veneer

Stone veneer provides an authentic, natural aesthetic for any living space. Stone veneer blends durability with style and excels when paired with earth tones.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

While some homeowners may prefer lavish and extensive kitchen makeovers, even a small touch-up can make a difference. Installing new cabinets or a kitchen backsplash, for instance, will impress prospective buyers.

Upgrade Kitchen Lighting

Installing a new light fixture or replacing an old system makes perfect sense. The potential gains you could take advantage of far surpass the average cost of new lighting.


Upgraded siding for your home’s exterior shines as one of the best ways to increase your property value. You will not have to expand your home’s square footage to install durable and stylish vinyl or fiber-cement paneling.

Bathroom Renovations

Whether small or large, the right bathroom renovation project vastly increases property value. Potential buyers are keen on comfortable yet functional bathrooms, and they’ll surely notice your hard work.

Enhance Decks With Lighting

Decks, on their own, provide immense value for your home. Add a few well-placed lights, and you reap even greater benefits.

What Renovations Do Not Add Value?

Some home renovations won’t add value and are more trouble than they are worth.


Customization provides a unique touch in proper doses. Overdoing customization, however, offers limited returns.


There’s no need to overthink construction projects. More living space doesn’t always translate into higher property values.


Accessories may offer some utility, yet too many will overwhelm potential buyers.

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