What is the difference between a Builder and a Contractor?

October 29, 2021 | Posted in brownbuilding

It is not uncommon for people to confuse the terms contractors and builders. Some might even use the two terms interchangeably, considering the two work closely together and their roles often overlap. However, there is a difference between a contractor and a builder.
This post will take a closer look at the two roles, answering a question many have been asking: What is the difference between a builder and a contractor?
general contractor vs builder

What Is a Contractor?


A contractor is a person hired by the client or owner of a construction project to plan and coordinate all construction activities. They are responsible for the entire project, including determining the best ways to complete it within the specified time and budget.
What about building contractors vs. general contractors? Sometimes, the contractor might not have the expertise needed to complete all the tasks. In such a case, they will appoint subcontractors to complete certain parts of the project. The general contractor then supervises a team of subcontractors or building contractors.

Responsibilities of a Contractor

The following are the primary responsibilities of a contractor during the different stages of a construction project.
Project Planning: A contractor’s first responsibility is creating a project plan that describes all activities to be carried out. These activities will also have time distributions to help the project meet specified deadlines.
Project Management: Contractors are also responsible for managing the project, including hiring staff, purchasing materials, renting equipment, and managing payments.
Project Tracking: This task is essential because it helps the construction team complete the project according to specified schedules. Tracking involves monitoring progress and making any necessary changes to keep everything within schedule.
Regulatory and Legal Issues: The contractor also oversees all legal and regulatory issues, including acquiring permits and licenses and covering any applicable taxes.

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What Is a Builder?

While the contractor oversees the entire construction project, a builder handles the actual construction of the building. They either have their crew or will hire personnel who will work on the construction site.

Responsibilities of a Builder

A builder handles all the responsibilities relating to the construction of your home. Some of these responsibilities include laying the foundation, roofing, and framing.
Other responsibilities of a builder include:
● Preparation and operation of earth-moving equipment and machinery
● Laying piping and ducting
● Excavation and demolition work
● Erecting or dismantling scaffolding
● Insulation and soundproofing work

Whom to Hire – Builder or a Contractor?

Choosing between hiring a home builder vs. a general contractor can be challenging. However, it all depends on what your construction project entails. When starting your project, evaluate all the specific needs to determine the most suitable option.
Since hiring a contractor might require hiring other specialists like designers and architects, doing so is more suitable for those looking to streamline the entire construction process.
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