Custom Cabinets Olympia WA

July 29, 2021 | Posted in brownbuilding

People looking for custom cabinets in Olympia, WA, often wonder if searching for a private contractor is worth the trouble. Until recently, custom cabinets were only for the stylish and wealthy, as middle-class homeowners were more concerned with the functionality of their storage spaces than their ability to wow guests. However, as more millennials explore the home improvement space, they’re finding more innovative and cost-effective ways to marry form and function in their kitchens, bathrooms, and dining areas.

Custom Built-in Cabinets

Brown Building Contractors is your leading source of high-quality, custom built-in cabinets in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve been helping homeowners renovate, remodel, and make improvements to their basements and living areas for over 25 years. We offer cost-efficient, durable, and sustainable woodworking solutions for all our residential and commercial clients.

Why Searching for “Custom Cabinets Near Me” Isn’t Enough

Cabinet makers with over two decades of experience in project planning, woodworking, and cabinet installations are rare. Olympia, Washington is teeming with startup businesses competing for wallet share in a growing suburban market. At Brown Building Contractors, we have bath remodelers and kitchen experts who can tailor custom built-in cabinets to your precise specifications.

We can handcraft your cabinets or make them with machines. Our five-star customer service team is a joy to work with, and our kitchen remodelers are excellent at finding the most cost-effective solutions that don’t sacrifice quality.

Why Install Custom Built-In Cabinets?

A recent study reveals that demand for cabinets will be worth a whopping $17.3 billion by 2023. People have different preferences in kitchen furniture, and most homeowners want to express their individuality through their living spaces. Most of our customers want to find ways to save as much space as possible without having their bathrooms and kitchens look tacky.

We often get requests to snake cabinets around the kitchen to save more space. So, we hang cupboards over fridges and gas and electric stoves to give our customers more room to store their cookware. We also create high-quality built-in cabinets for center islands that trick the eye into thinking your kitchen is more elongated and taller while creating more usable space.

Double-duty cabinets are also all the rage in many themed condos, apartments, and living spaces. They give your counters a uniform look while hiding a trash compactor, dishwasher, or microwave behind the door. We offer custom cabinets in Olympia, WA with no pulls and handles for maximum uniformity.

Olympia has many homes where the kitchen blends into the dining area, living room, or den. One of the most common requests we fulfill for our customers is to create a consistent design that will create a harmonious relationship between two or three rooms. We also entertain requests for display cabinets that utilize glass panels, which can lighten up any kitchen by making it feel more spacious and open.

Discover the Beauty of Custom Cabinets with Us

No request is too weird, experimental, or difficult for our seasoned cabinet makers. We can make glass cabinets, chicken wire cupboards for a picket-fence home, and open cabinets for fans of minimalist, industrial designs.

Discover the beauty of custom cabinets in Olympia, WA, today by calling Brown Building Contractors at 360-459-1043.