Things To Do in Olympia WA

July 29, 2021 | Posted in brownbuilding

If you’re looking for things to do in Olympia, WA this weekend, you have plenty of options. Olympia enjoys one of the most diverse and exciting cultural milieus in the Pacific Northwest, with a fourth of its population coming from Asian, Hispanic, and African American heritage.

Residents of Olympia enjoy a bustling urban existence with a quiet and nearly provincial peacefulness between the larger cities of Seattle and Portland. If you’re thinking of moving to Olympia, WA, here are few things you can look forward to enjoying.

Things to do in Olympia

Fun Things to Do in Olympia, WA This Weekend

Olympia, WA, is perfect for people looking for a scenic place to settle down, start a family, explore a new career, or retire. The real estate scene is booming, and many homebuyers can buy bigger houses for prices that are several notches down from neighboring cities. There’s no shortage of fun things to do in Olympia, WA with your family.

Fun Things to do Outdoors in Olympia, WA

The summers in Olympia are beautiful, and they offer endless opportunities for outdoor enjoyment. You’ll find evergreen trees wherever you go, with beautiful hiking trails, parks, and bike lanes that pierce through them. It’s easy to find trails that are as easy or challenging as you want, with some that are perfect for kids and others more suited to experienced weekend warriors.

Enjoy the romantic nature trails, picnic shelters, and bald eagle sightings in Priest Point Park, one Olympia’s oldest public parks. Take a jog in the 24-acre Heritage Park if you’re near the State Capitol Campus, or see the annual air show hosted by the Olympic Flight Museum.

If you want to get wet, the Pacific Ocean is only an hour drive away. You can also visit Percival Landing, one of the most popular waterfront parks on Puget Sound, where many Washingtonians gather for public events and picnics. You can sample local, organic produce and other treats from the Olympia Farmers Markets in Capitol Way.

Things to Do in Olympia, WA at Night

Catch a Movie

The Olympia Film Society shows hidden indie gems, insightful documentaries, and experimental movies after dark. Whatever your taste in film, they’ll have something in store for you to like.

Explore the Music Scene

Olympia’s New Traditions Café & Fair-Trade Gallery is where music, visual art, and world traditions can mingle without restriction. The establishment offers group sing-alongs and lectures with renowned speakers that will broaden your perspective. It’s a great option for a romantic date night.

If you’re a fan of jazz, the Olympia Jazz Central has been the go-to place for Washingtonian jazz workshops, concertgoers, and instructors since 2009. You can also find a string of clubs, pubs, and lounges that line State and 4th Avenue:

  • The Society
  • Cryptatropa Bar
  • Rhythm & Rye
  • The Brotherhood Lounger
  • And many more

Are You Getting Ready to Move to Olympia?

Are you still looking for more enjoyable things to do in Olympia, WA?

For many new homeowners, improving their living spaces is as rewarding as it is fun. When you finally decide to move to the cultural center of the Puget Sound region, partner up with renovators who can customize your living space to your liking. Call Brown Building Contractors at 360-459-1043 and find out how we can make your indoor life a fun one.