Decorating Top of Kitchen Cabinets

March 24, 2023 | Posted in brownbuilding

If you need creative ideas for decorating top of kitchen cabinets, our design consultants at Brown Building Contractors have you covered. We know that storage areas are often bland and often-ignored spaces that homeowners and guests prefer to leave unfurnished. However, with the right splash of color, glass, wood, metal, and varnish, you can turn any cabinet into an eye-pleasing focal point.

Many people search on Google, inputting phrases like “decorating ideas top of kitchen cabinets,” “decorating ideas on top of kitchen cabinets,” or “decorating the top of kitchen cabinets ideas,” and never get advice from designers and project managers. In this article, our licensed contractors will outline a few decorating ideas for the top of kitchen cabinets.

decorating ideas for top of kitchen cabinets

Best Ideas for Decorating Top of Kitchen Cabinets

The recent trend of setting slightly higher ceilings to evoke a sense of space in an otherwise small kitchen produces an awkward space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling, prompting the need for decorating ideas for top of kitchen cabinets.

Install Statement-Making Light Fixtures

Nobody likes kitchens with the aesthetic of a fast food joint. Statement-making light fixtures can evoke a transformative quality in your cooking space, making it more inviting, warm, and spacious.

Understated lights are perfect for modern and industrial spaces, creating drama in an otherwise grey and tiled kitchen. For fans of southern aesthetics, our designers recommend a barn conversion design with orange and yellow wall lighting, chandeliers, and pendant lights mixed with brass accents for decorating on top of kitchen cabinets.

Use An Accent Color Above the Cabinets

DIYers must be careful about accent colors when decorating the top of kitchen cabinets, as they control the emotion evoked by the entire rack. Black, charcoal, and earthy tones relay sophistication and neutrality, while blue and green can work with brass accents to create a joyful and classy feeling.

Enhance the Visual Interest

Slimmer cabinets, clean lines, and slim-type integrated appliances will help your kitchen cabinets look neater. You can draw the eye of your guests to your cabinets by using high-gloss paint against a neutral matte backsplash.

Take Paneling to the Ceiling

Double-stacked cabinets work well for ceiling heights up to nine feet. Glass inserts, overlay panels, and interior lighting are some of the most innovative ideas for decorating the top of kitchen cabinets in the last 50 years.

Fill the Space Above the Cabinets with Objects You Love

Decorating the top of kitchen cabinets with flea market and estate sale finds, like oversized cutting boards, window frames, and buckets, will help you create a traditional country-style aesthetic.

Decorate to Delight

To avoid a minor-scale kitchen remodel, our designers recommend creating seasonal displays with miniature Christmas trees, autumnal foliage, and pumpkins to fill the gap. Decorative China can work, too.

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