How to Prepare for Full Home Renovation

February 9, 2022 | Posted in brownbuilding

Ready to make your house your home?  That might mean a full home renovation! While this idea can make a lot of homeowners nervous – just hearing the words ‘complete home renovation’ can send a person into a tailspin of options, decisions and cost analysis – it doesn’t need to be an overwhelming or stressful process.  This is your opportunity to make the space your own and create the home that works best for you.

Let’s break down why a large remodeling project might be the best, most cost effective route to take and what a whole home renovation could look like for you.

Why a Full Home Renovation?

  • First of all, a full home renovation does not necessarily mean gutting the entire structure down to the studs, but rather touching various elements throughout every part of the home.  What might seem like a small project, new trim or interior doors for example, actually affects every room in your home.  A stand alone kitchen remodel is great but does your new style work with the rest of the home? Or does it stick out like the diamond in the rough?  Do the new finishes you are selecting work with your existing finishes?  Do you want to HAVE to plan around existing finishes or structural elements of your home? Or do you want to have a consistent and cohesive theme throughout your home?
  • A full home renovation can include everything from completely rearranging the floor plan to updating every finish, but more often it is a collection of small projects that make sense to do simultaneously.  While you are rearranging plumbing for the new kitchen layout, maybe it’s a good opportunity to address other plumbing issues in adjacent spaces.  If walls are moving, lighting locations are changing, or windows and doors are being affected then it’s likely there will be a lot of drywall and paint work. Perhaps you would like to repaint all the adjacent walls and ceilings for a fresh update. There is a lot of efficiency to be gained while the home is actively being worked in and all the necessary trades are on site. And the impact of something simple like a fresh coat of paint can easily be underestimated. Often the most difficult part of completing a renovation project is coordinating all the necessary materials and trades. Take advantage of the opportunity, and get as much done as possible while they are there and you have the materials you need.
  • Sometimes you find a house that has been remodeled several times, piece by piece with no long-term vision in mind.  If you have 5 different flooring materials, various trim profiles, a room that was ‘just added on’ or a layout that doesn’t make sense – a full home renovation may be the best remedy for your frustrations.  There is just no getting around bad design, small remodels that weren’t planned appropriately, or ideas that didn’t consider the home as a whole.  If you are ready to tie all the elements of your home together instead of perfecting individual spaces, you are ready for a complete renovation.

How to Prepare Yourself for a Full Home Renovation

Saying you are ready for a full home renovation is one thing, preparing yourself for the process is an entirely different discussion. Yes, a complete home remodel is awesome and will be absolutely worth it in the end, but executing the construction process efficiently and beautifully is never a simple task and should not to be taken lightly.

Start by honestly evaluating your home, your lifestyle and how flexible you are within your own routine.  A whole home affects every part of your home. Consider whether or not you’re comfortable living in the middle of a construction site, or if you’d rather relocate to another location temporarily. Here are some other questions to ask yourself:

  • Can you handle being without a full kitchen for 2 months?
  • Can you cram your whole family into a hall bath while the master is being renovated?
  • Does having coffee with a plumber at 8:00AM on a Tuesday sound appealing?
  • Are you able to navigate various interruptions to your plumbing and electric services?
  • How well can you tolerate migrating dust and noise throughout the home?

Be honest with yourself and what you are willing to live through day to day, and know you are going to have to adjust your life for a while.

Every project is different and every construction crew is unique. Be sure you know what you’re signing up for before day one of a whole home remodel. Some great ground rules to establish with your contractor are work hours, who is responsible for site cleanliness, regular communication around scheduling, and site security. The more upfront all parties are about these topics, the less chance there is for disappointment and frustration throughout the project. Be proactive and have these topics front of mind. A full home renovation can be life changing, and if you carefully consider all the topics in this article you’ll be well on the road to success!

Choosing the right team is absolutely essential to enjoying a whole home renovation.  The relationship you establish with your design and construction team should be one that goes far deeper than a remodel project. We understand that at Brown Building, and we love sharing the journey with our clients to their dream home. We’ve built many relationships over the past 30 years, and look forward to creating more in the years to come!

For more information on full home renovations with Brown Building Contractors call or email today.  We want to hear about your ideal home vision and help you start getting there today!

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