Top 5 Guest Room Ideas

March 30, 2023 | Posted in brownbuilding

When you have extra space in your home and frequent visitors, you’ll benefit from our top five guest room ideas. Allow your guests to have an enjoyable and relaxing experience while you host them in your home. Consider the following guest room decorating ideas to make the area look showstopping and stylish.

Importance of Decorating a Guest Room

Decorating a guest room shows you care about those who are staying at your home. Having a dedicated and well-decorated guest room is far more welcoming than blowing up an air mattress or sleeping on the old, worn couch. Using guest room décor ideas can allow you to have fun decorating and personalizing the room to reflect your style or home’s color scheme.

small guest room ideas

Guest Room Ideas

While there are thousands of small guest room ideas to explore, consider our top five suggestions that you can incorporate at home.

Arrange Near a Bathroom

Guests can feel uncomfortable walking through your house at night or in the early morning searching for a bathroom. Having your guest room conveniently located near a bathroom can make their stay easier and less stressful. They also won’t feel as though they’re invading your space.

You can also ensure your bathroom near the guest room is fully stocked with everything your guests need. You might include fresh towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, floss, toothpaste, and skincare products. Keep the space clean and comfortable to use.

Consider a Climate Control System

Everyone enjoys different temperatures and routines while unwinding for bed. Some people must sleep in a warm environment, while others prefer many blankets and chilly air conditioning. If you have a climate control system in your home, it might benefit your guests too.

Guests can make temperature adjustments for their room, while the rest of the house remains to their liking. It allows guests to feel at home while they are away and ensures they are comfortable.

Don’t Forget Fresh Flowers

One of the best guest room ideas is to include fresh flowers. Flowers make people smile and feel welcome; fresh ones make the extra effort to make guests feel important and special. Other guest room decor ideas are to swap real flowers with beautiful and realistic-looking fake ones if those are more your style.

Flowers can add to the relaxing and serene feel of your guest room, especially if accompanied by scented candles, plush bedding, and spa-like or hotel guest room color ideas. 

Add a Small Seating Area

Seating areas are a must-have for small guest room decorating ideas, as they allow guests to have a spot to sit down and relax. They can make phone calls, unwind, or read a good book. 

Provide Practical Bedside Tables

Bedside tables can be beautiful and functional, allowing guests to place their most important belongings nearby.


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