The Best Home Addition Ideas

January 4, 2022 | Posted in brownbuilding

Whether you are looking for screened-in patio ideas, bedroom addition ideas, or second-floor expansion ideas, completing large home additions is an excellent method for adding value and functionality to your home. These additions can range from minor upgrades to large projects.

 Home Addition Ideas


Top Home Addition Ideas

There are many popular choices for home additions. All add significant aesthetic, functional, and financial value to your home. Here are some of our top home addition ideas.


Add a Screened-in Porch

Nothing is better than enjoying the fresh air when the weather allows. However, for many, pesky bugs like mosquitos can spoil a good thing. A room addition idea like a screened-in porch allows homeowners to enjoy their outdoors without the outdoors enjoying them.


Get Organized with a Pantry Addition

The kitchen is one of the most valued rooms in a house. For this reason, home buyers are always looking for the highest-quality appliances, countertops, and storage space for this area. Adding a pantry to your kitchen is an instant upgrade that homeowners and potential home buyers love.

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Maximize Unused Space with a Garage Conversion

A garage is an excellent location to add space to an otherwise unused or cluttered area. In many cases, garages are merely storage areas that do not use the entire space. In these situations, converting half of the garage into an office or a utility room is an excellent house add-on idea that homeowners love.


Build a Gathering Space with a Family Room Addition

While a generally expensive addition, adding a family room brings a beautiful, functional space to your floor plan. Here, people can gather, talk, play games, and watch a movie or a big game. These spaces are memorable and fun for the whole family while adding value to the property.

Factors Affecting Home Addition

It is easy to become excited about putting in a new home addition design, but it is crucial to understand a few key points to the process before leaping. Not all house additions are alike, so it is vital to understand the process as a whole before beginning a project. Below are a few key points to consider.

Custom Features

Many small home additions require brand new features for the new space. This means new electrical, plumbing, slab, walls, and more. These features require the work of industry experts and can add high costs to the project budget. Therefore, it is vital to be aware of the necessary custom features of a project before giving it the green light.

Size of Addition

Another crucial aspect of addition to house ideas is the size necessary to complete the project. Contractors are not miracle workers, so be sure to understand the layout and feasibility of the project before beginning. Many home addition projects also require city permits to begin. Be sure to check your local guidelines before construction begins.

Layout and Design

The crucial final decision for any home addition is to understand the layout and design the project requires. The last thing you want to happen is for a construction crew to begin the project, only to realize it is not what you want. So, take a moment and be sure the project will meet your expectations.

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