How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets

December 12, 2022 | Posted in brownbuilding

Most Olympia, WA, homeowners want to keep their kitchen cabinets as organized as possible. However, organizing kitchen cabinets is often easier said than done. That’s why Brown Building Contractors developed a brief guide to teaching you how to organize kitchen cabinets efficiently.

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Importance of Organizing Kitchen Cabinets

Finding food and ingredients in messy, unorganized kitchen cabinets is exceedingly frustrating. It elongates the cooking process and makes finding simple household supplies a chore.

However, well-organized kitchen cabinets make cooking more efficient, less time-consuming, and more enjoyable. They make finding most kitchen items nearly effortless, making things easier for you and your family. Below are a few efficient tips to teach you how to organize kitchen cabinets.

how to organize food in kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets Organization Ideas

Slide-Out Kitchen Cabinet Shelves

Replacing your kitchen’s fixed cabinets with slide-out shelves is a fantastic way to keep things organized. Slide-out shelves allow you to find small items that often become lost within deep cabinets.

Rethink Your Refrigerator

Utilizing baskets and food containers can significantly improve your refrigerator’s organization. Keep similar food items (meats, vegetables, fruits, etc.) together and place them in easy-to-reach locations to help your refrigerator stay tidy and organized.

Declutter for Happy Hour

Most homeowners enjoy displaying their alcohol selection to highlight their favorite beverages. However, it’s easy to go overboard with alcohol displays, creating unnecessary clutter. Try highlighting only a few of your prized spirits and glasses to minimize clutter and improve organization.

Swap Out Boring Bins

Most homeowners want to keep their kitchen organized without hindering its visual appeal. Although plastic kitchen bins and containers can improve organization, they can give your kitchen a bland look. However, colorful kitchen bins featuring alluring designs will enhance your kitchen’s style while keeping it well organized.

“File” Your Baking Sheets and Muffin Tins

Storing large muffin tins and baking sheets isn’t easy. However, installing some tension rods in your cabinets can give you organized slots to place your large sheets and tins while making them easier to find.

Use Turntables Inside Your Cabinets

Turntables can do wonders for kitchen cabinets. They make everything more accessible, allowing you to sort through your cabinets and find supplies swiftly and efficiently.

Use Drawer Dividers Everywhere You Can

Like cabinet turntables, drawer dividers can take your kitchen organization to new heights while making it easier to find kitchen supplies.

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