Pitfalls to Avoid When Remodeling Your Bathroom

November 26, 2021 | Posted in brownbuilding

Every few years, that old bathroom needs an upgrade. Whether that is something as simple as new paint or as complex as entirely rearranging the layout of the space, these jobs require the homeowner to put thought into planning and executing the remodel. 

 However, once a homeowner decides to begin their bathroom remodeling project, there are many pitfalls to consider. Some of these can cause additional bathroom remodeling costs, damage to the property, and constant headaches. 

Here we will discuss the seven pitfalls to avoid when remodeling your bathroom.

bathroom design mistakes

Improper Planning

Beginning a bathroom remodel without a proper plan or a bathroom remodeling contractor can increase the cost without the benefit of quality craftsmanship. However, for homeowners looking for a DIY project, there is a significant jump in cost for simple tasks such as moving your toilet. Factors like electrical rewiring and moving underground pipes are why it is crucial to have a plan ready for your bathroom remodeling project.

Choosing the Wrong Materials

Many homeowners feel their bathroom remodeling project demands high-end materials to make it look the way they want. However, with the expertise of bathroom remodeling contractors, these professionals can use moderately priced materials to create a beautiful area without the headache of potential bathroom remodeling mistakes. 

Replacing Items Rather Than Repairing Them 

When homeowners begin forming their bathroom remodeling ideas, they always include replacing current hardware. However, with the cost of these items, the budget of the project can skyrocket. Often, it is much easier to repair the existing hardware rather than replace it. 

Bathroom Ventilation 

While bathroom vents generally fall lower down on the list of upgrades for a bathroom remodeling project, they serve an essential role. Because of the showers and other water utilities in this space, without proper ventilation, mold and mildew can build up and damage the bathroom as well as pose a health risk to your family. 

Bathroom Flooring 

Finding the right flooring for your bathroom remodel is another vital component of the process. Particular bathroom remodel mistakes like choosing the wrong flooring will provide insufficient support to the floor and cause substantial damage to the subflooring. Avoid bathroom renovation mistakes by selecting the best flooring materials for your bathroom, such as ceramic tile, porcelain tile, or sheet vinyl flooring. 

Unrealistic About a Budget 

Everyone likes saving money. However, sometimes cutting corners can result in bad bathroom remodels. Homeowners must take stock of their expertise with home improvement projects before beginning large-scale renovations. 

 Some bathroom remodeling mistakes create additional expenses that can be avoided by bringing in a professional. 

Improper Spacing

Bathrooms are dense in amenities, such as showers, toilets, and sinks. Putting all of these in a small space means understanding the complexity and functionality of water pipes. This is an occasion where the cost of a DIY job may be higher than choosing a contractor, as the job requires extensive experience and training. 

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