Small Bathroom Ideas On A Budget

April 20, 2023 | Posted in brownbuilding

Small bathrooms don’t have to feel small. Even on a budget, you can make your small bathroom feel larger with the right decor tips. Ideas like skylights and art galleries go a long way in improving cramped spaces. The team at Brown Building Contractors shares some key small bathroom ideas for the budget-minded remodeler.

small bathroom ideas with shower

Modern Simple Small Bathroom Ideas

Are you looking for inspiration for your small half-bath or master bath? Check out these modern bathroom ideas.

Choose a Monogram

For small bathroom decor ideas, try monograms. Monograms give your bathroom an elegant, personalized touch.

These decorative motifs consist of letters spelling out initials or someone’s name. You can monogram towels and shower curtains to spruce things up for small bathroom ideas with a tub and shower.

Incorporating monograms into wall decals or tiles can also work beautifully. Monogramming is cheap to do, which works into most remodeling budgets.

Use Skylights

Skylights are some of the most effective simple small bathroom ideas to add more natural lighting to your bathroom. Natural lighting adds atmosphere and the illusion of space, which works well for very small bathrooms.

There are different types of skylights to choose from, like tubular skylights, slanted, and ventilated. You can also work with bathroom remodel contractors to design custom-shaped skylights.

Add a Small Tub

Adding a small tub to your bathroom space is a great way to incorporate small bathroom ideas with a tub and shower.

  • Japanese-style soaking tubs are great for tiny bathrooms, as they are compact and deep.
  • Freestanding tubs can be the focal point of your bathroom and provide aesthetic as well as functionality.
  • Small corner tubs take advantage of unused corner space to get the most out of room size.

Build Vanity in Small Bathroom

A bathroom vanity offers attractive features and utility as both a sink basin and a storage space. Vanities work great for small bathroom storage ideas and decor, coming in a variety of different styles and sizes.

Wall-mounted vanities are perfect if you value floor space, as they make cleaning a cinch and give the illusion of volume in your bathroom. Open-shelf style vanities are perfect for minimalists who want a clean and sleek look without compromising form or function.

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Hang Art Gallery

Turning your small bathroom into an art gallery is a great way to improve decor. You can hang up artwork that shows off your personal art tastes.

You will want to match according to color or theme for perfect cohesion. Your artistic flourishes can tie your small bathroom decor together nicely. Your artwork frames should be moisture-resistant to increase their longevity.

Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Large with These Bathroom Ideas

You don’t have to settle for feeling cramped in your small bathroom. You can use a combination of skylights, artwork, vanities, and more to create the illusion of depth and add comfort. If you ever get stuck searching for “remodel small bathroom ideas,” call us at Brown Building Contractors. Our professional team can assist you with all of your bathroom decor and small bathroom ideas with shower needs.

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